St Non’s Retreat

The ideal location for your next retreat. Perched on the cliffs of the Pembrokeshire National Coast. St Non’s Retreat Centre is owned by the Archdiocese of Cardiff.


Welcome to St Non’s Retreat

St Non’s is a place of prayer, pilgrimage and contemplation. We offer hospitality for all who feel the call to a period of stillness and quiet. For all who feel the need for renewal and rest. In the great Celtic tradition St Non’s is a place where “the streams meet”. It is a place of quiet, hope and healing.

The retreat houses an indoor chapel and Oratory where the Blessed sacrament is reserved 24 hours a day, a library and large community room. We also have a sitting room from where you can enjoy stunning views across the garden and St Non’s Bay across to the islands and to the Broad Haven/Marloes mainland.

The Retreat House has 11 bedrooms (10 single and 1 double) and was extensively refurbished in Spring 2024. Each bedroom has a hand basin and has been newly decorated. One room has its own shower whilst the first floor has communal showers (separate for male and female).

Whether you come as part of an organised retreat with your own leader or as an individual wishing to have a few days of quiet reflection or you’re on a pilgrimage route St Non’s will prove to be the ideal resting place.

Once at St Non’s, whether you have a religious belief or not, you will be made welcome.


Relax, contemplate, pray, meditate

St Non’s Retreat is situated in the grounds where St Non gave birth to St David. With breathtaking views all round, it is the ideal place to base your retreat.

The perfect retreat

Our retreat offers 16 rooms, retreat rooms, parking and food.

St Non’s Chapel

In the grounds we have a listed chapel where Mass is said once a month and the remains of an older chapel, purported to be where St David was born are also in the grounds. A holy well can also be found here.

Set in beautiful St David’s

The Cathedral of St David’s is only a 15 minute walk from St Non’s Retreat and next door to it you have the stunning ruins of the Bishop’s Palace.

Contact Us

Please complete the enquiry form, letting us know briefly the size of your party and the nature of your visit and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, please give us a call on: